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Thursday, February 14, 2008

This dame sure knows the way to be under the lime light! Just a few days back she had created news attending Baba Ramdev’s yoga camp. Now this busty babe is in the news again, this time for being cast as a friend of none other that Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST!

Yes, we are talking about Mallika Sherawat!, Now what has Mallika got to do in a film on Christ?

If rumour mills are true then we can soon see Mallika Sherawat acting as Jesus Christ’s best friend. The film is titled ‘The Aquarian Gospel’ and will be directed by Australian Filmmaker Drew Heriot. Mallika’s character Saraswathi, will be portrayed as the Christ’s most trusted friend while he travels in India.

As per the reports ‘The Aquarian Gospel’ will depict Lord Christ’s journey from Israel to Egypt via India and Persia. There is also a version that Kashmir was one of the places that Christ had visited during his journey.

For a nymph who usually sets the screen on fire, we wonder what her role is going to be like in this one!

A complete reversal of roles for Mallika.

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