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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vidya Balan’s makeover look in ‘Heyy Baby’ didn’t really hit off too well. However, designer Manish Malhotra very humbly accepted his fault and sent an SMS of apology to Vidya Balan for her supposedly mal-dressed look in Sajid Khan’s Heyy Babyy. The SMS said ‘I’m sorry I messed up. I hope we get another opportunity.’

However, Vidya very sweetly dismissed Manish’s apology saying that it was not Manish’s fault alone. They somehow couldn’t connect with each other.

“I completely trusted Manish. But Manish and I couldn’t share a direct connect to discuss my clothes. He couldn’t be physically present at the shooting for Heyy Babyy. And considering I was doing a makeover in my looks it was very important for him to be there. We should’ve both worked very closely on my clothes,” explains Vidya.

Vidya now accepts that glamour for her has to be defined in a different more subtle way than it was defined by Manish for Urmila or Kareena. Vidya’s clothes in ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ have been done by a new designer Sheena Parekh and Vidya is very happy with her look in the movie.

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