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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nisha Kothari - My name is Priyanka

This is what Nisha Kothari is crooning these days. After a disastrous ‘RGV Ki Aag’ and a row of flops, the actor is trying to charm her good luck by reverting back to her original name, Priyanka Kothari.

Explains Nisha aka Priyanka, “Its my original name and my real identity.” She further says that she had changed her name because there was already a Priyanka in the industry. “I changed my name just like that. For my family and friends, even in my film contracts, I am Priyanka Kothari. So, when somebody calls me Nisha, I am not at all comfortable. In this whole scenario I have been wondering, ‘Who is Nisha?’ This realization made me take this decision.”

A wise decision indeed!

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